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Hooda Hinges

Part puzzle game, part physics game, Hooda Hinges challenges your spatial cognition skills.

This game is the second I’ve programmed in ActionScript with the Starling framework, and is also available for download from the Apple App Store.

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Place It USA

Everyone thinks they know their geography basics, but take away some hints, like borders, and it suddenly challenges even the most experienced of us.

I created this game as an experiment in multi-platform publishing. I programmed it in Flash ActionScript using the Starling framework. It contains scalable vector graphics that are converted to the target screen size at launch, and runs as a gpu-accelerated openGL game in browsers and on iOS devices. It is available for download on the Apple App Store.

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Pillsbury Icing Drizzler

Pillsbury Icing Drizzler

Taking a cue from Sugar, Sugar by Bart Bonte, this game is all about the sweet stuff.

While Bart’s game is more along the lines of the popular Java-based World of Sand games, Icing Drizzler employs a physics engine and incorporates a liquid effect. This gives the motion of the icing a dynamic feel, and keeps things rolling along.

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Shopping Mall

The shoppers so badly want to give you their money, why not help them? Open your store levels strategically to maximize the spend rate and spending amounts. Open and entire row of levels to increase the number of shoppers. Use plants, benches, maps, and ATM’s to affect shopper behavior.

Made for HoodaMath.com.

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Winning MaSheen

Charlie Sheen has been drinking in the media attention like so much tiger blood. There is only one point to this game: WINNING! Grab the Vitamin Sheen for a rocket boost of Charlie-ness. Great voice-overs throughout the game keep the Charlie-isms coming.

This was another topical, fast turn-around game for AddictingGames, it’s a lot of fun to make these. WINNING!

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All We Need is Brain

I really like zombies, but usually zombie video games aren’t my thing—too much frantic shooting into endless hordes. It can get stressful and repetitive. This game, however, offers a fresh take on how to deal with the undead. Instead of being chased down or surrounded, you lure them from their graves one at a time into traps or kill zones using their favorite food. As the levels progress, the bait also serves to move objects in classic physics puzzle game fashion. These zombies in this game are cute as well, so even though they are crawling around with their spines exposed, you won’t be grossed out.

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DuBlox is a great puzzle game from HoodaMath. At first glance this game looks easy—all you have to do is move some blocks around a board, there’s no timer and nothing trying to kill you. But you’ll quickly find that flipping these little blocks in just the right sequence is pretty challenging. Most casual games don’t require you to think in 3D, but this one will. As you move through the levels the game gets more complex, adding obstacles and special buttons/squares.

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Leadpipe Games launches

Welcome to Leadpipe Games! I created this website to share games that I’ve programmed. Have a look around, and enjoy!